Ultimate One-on-One Kiteboarding Lesson Package (9-hours)

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​Ultimate Package Deal

Private Lessons (1 on 1) 

Level A, B and C instruction plus three hours of post-Level C close chase boat support - $950

- Ultimate Package must be selected and purchased in advance of commencement of services for deal price​.

This lesson package was created in response to requests for a "giftable" kiteboarding lesson program. It allows friends or family to give the gift of kiteboarding to someone who will appreciate it for a lifetime. Included in this package are all three levels of instruction and three hours of post-instruction boat support. The lesson component will provide the fundamentals of the sport and prepare students with the skills and confidence to begin their progression and the boat support time will allow the student to transition with greater confidence from instruction to self-practice. This package is purchased in advance and allows the purchaser to save over the cost of purchasing these services individually. 

This package is for anyone who wants to commit themselves to learning how to kiteboard and includes the entire 6-hour one-on-one formal lesson program plus three additional hours of one-on-one post-instruction close chase boat support to allow students to comfortably and gradually transition from instruction to independent practice. Students who purchase this option receive first priority notification of lesson availability and first choice of lesson times and dates so they can progress as quickly as possible through the program. All gear necessary to safely and effectively learn to kiteboard is included during the lesson phase of this package (i.e. kites, boards, impact/flotation vests, helmets and harnesses). Students are responsible for their personal apparel (i.e. wetsuits, watershoes, gloves, hoods, rashguards, boardshorts). esD is an authorized dealer for O'Neill and Neil Pryde, stocks many apparel items in our shop and offers low student pricing should a student require additional gear. 

Students will require their own kiteboarding gear during the post-instruction boat support sessions.

Some of the areas covered throughout this program include (depending upon student ability and progression speed):

- Weather conditions and choosing a safe location
- Basic kiteboarding etiquette and hand signals
- How to set up a four line inflatable kite
- Kite theory and the wind window
- Safety systems, preflight check
- Launching and landing a full-sized inflatable kite
- Flying the kite at the edge of the wind window to generate power
- Activating the leash

- Body dragging using a kiteboarding harness
- Untwisting the lines with the kite in the air
- Activating the safety quick release
- Controlling the kite with one hand while hooked into the harness
- Body dragging hooked into the harness
- Re-launching the kite in the water
- Performing self-rescues
- Body dragging upwind

- Board control
- Water starts in deep water
- Board recovery without using a board leash
- Proper body positioning and edge control
- Generating steady power with the kite
- Riding in both directions
- Appropriate gear selection for wind conditions 



In preparation for your lesson, please fill out and submit the two student registration forms below. Once on file, you will begin receiving wind notification emails to inform you when conditions are suitable for kiteboarding lessons so you can select the available date and time that best works with your schedule.